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Appears to be a largely useless Foursquare front end

The app just has useless suggestions from Foursquare along the route, and its terrible at suggesting anything besides restaurants. Seriously, all of the "sights" appear to be restaurants or gas stations.


I never go on a road trip without it! Keeps me on my route while I stop for anything I need.

The best app for any road trip!

The family and I found some great little spots on our trip to Chicago last week. Ive been telling everyone about this app. Thanks!

Not worth it

Nothing special, I was expecting local places I love discovering hidden gems, but this is NOT that!! Lots of franchise restaurants my advice use google maps and save yourself the 3bucks :/

Gas stations and walmarts

As far as I can tell, this app simply makes recommendations based on quantity of Google reviews for anywhere directly along your route and its recommendations consist almost exclusively of walmarts and other high traffic grocery stores; no parks, monuments, historical sites, rest stops, etc.

Nothing of interest Along the Way

This app provides very little in way of help finding good places during a road trip. I found it completely unhelpful. The app doesnt populate places very well and unless youre looking for a chain resturant or Walmart, youre better off with Road Tripper or Trip Advisor. We travelled from Boston to Portland, OR and back without any help from this app....and not for a lack of trying. I opened it every few hours just to check out what it had for me. Bottom line, better using your phones memory on something else.


This app showed us nothing but fast food locations along the way. I found a lot of neat stuff along our trip by just watching the road and signs. Waste of 2.99, wish I could return it and get my money back.

Waste of money

Deleted. Yelp is better for food, road trippers is better for sightseeing, Expedia is better for hotels, and all those apps are free. The one value add this app could have had was cheap gas and it doesnt have that. Dont waste your 3 bucks.

Love it

This is an awesome app for planning trips. I have this on my iPhone 6. I had a few glitches starting out but after emailing their helpful and efficient team, it was all fixed up in no time! Love this app :)


This app is awful and a waste of money. I am so disappointed. Its not even that the given locations are terrible, its the fact that I have never gotten past the area where you put in your starting point and destination, because it doesnt work.


Paid $2.99 for this app and I cant even type in my destination. Wont give me a list or any way for me to input my info. Disappointed!

Doesnt Work!

I cannot get the app to work. Ive deleted and reinstalled several times. Frustrating and a waste of $.


I am very mad that I paid for this app when all it does is send you to the free app four square

Just what I needed

This app helped me and my girlfriend have a much better trip. Between this and waze I dont need other apps. The update they did, really made it SO much better!!

Save your money. This app has a long way to go

They shouldnt even be charging for this undeveloped app. Especially when its going to take a nice user base for it to take off. Nothing I cant do with Yelp and apple/google maps. As a matter of fact I can come up with better results using Yelp and Apple maps. Save your money. Idea is there but execution is sub par.

Horrible on iphone4

Button to search areas ends up over the previous searches making it impossible to use after you have looked up 3 places. Didnt even get a chance to try it out properly.

Good app, has room for improvement

This is the best along the way app so far. It needs option to: size the search radius (5 miles is not short distance); needs to be able to filter POIs at either star, middle, or destination as other app; and Gas is currently not a default search category, it should be.


This app NEVER worked for me. Soooo frustrating:(. Looked promising, but alas, nothing.

Great App!

Nice design, fast and easy! Helped me find a place to stop with the kids for lunch that was right off the highway without taking us off our course. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Yo!

King of the Road (Trip)

After using Along The Way for some time, its now clear to me that there simply is no substitute for finding points of interest while traveling.

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